Faisal Khudud

Do'er & Builder

I live to build & automate

My work is as unique as my name.My passion for simplification and tech enabled me to support & lead over a dozen next-gen projects in the past two decades.From building net-new businesses from plan to product, to also supporting large scale multi-year and multi-million dollar transformation projects at leading Canadian businesses.p.s its pronounced koo-dude

Skillsets & Strengths

Venture Building - Business Model DevelopmentNew Product DevelopmentEcosystem & Partnership DevelopmentConsulting & Fractional Engagements

Experience & Expertise

Consumer Services (Messaging, Mobile giving, FinTech, Contactless -NFC- Mobile Wallets, Digital media & eCommerce)Enterprise Services (IoT, 5G Cloud, IaaS & PaaS hosting & professional services, Payment processing, Salesforce/SFDC automation)

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